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06-26-2011, 03:55 PM
Originally Posted by Dalnar
Why trade of DHC ? to remove something unique on cruiser gameplay ? We can as well scrap all cruisers then and keep Excelsior.....

Galaxy-X currently offers at least something interesting in gameplay. Flying one is just a lot harder than usual beam boat.

There is plenty of other beam boats to choose from on fed side...
Because that ship turns slower than my grandma, keeping an enemy in weapons arc is very difficult, but possible with much luck.

I know you are flying that ship for a long time, but after my experience a good start of a fight doesn't decide who will win, because with that ship you can't, keep on making massive damage, because of it's slow turn rate.

The Spinal lance is a nice gimmik and with much luck you can kill a unprepared enemy but fighting a comparable enemy is maybe even more difficult than with other comparable ships.

BTW. I never fly a exclusive beam Boat, i prefer using at least 1 Torpedo launcher.
(And no i don't use FAW, at least not very much. )

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