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06-26-2011, 04:33 PM
Originally Posted by Dalnar
Its not about layout, its about mind set. I have 2x DHC front and 2x turret aft with CRF 1 and I'm fairly happy with the performance...but I'm using it on tactical captain, so....

tactical initiative = like i had 2x CRF + tons of dmg buffs from other skills...

As i said, unique gameplay, unique possiblities....not for everyone. But people who say the ship is bad, are just bad at flying one, im sorry. Cold hard truth. The ship is just different.....
In my experience of fighting them, they are a tough ship, but if they are to have any chance of bringing weapons to bear in PVP they have to use beams or single cannons. If somebody's running open to an alpha, then it's likely they'll lose anyway. I never cruise in a pvp situation without at least one shield buff running these days because of the sort of things I get up to when I've got my BoP in Ker'rat.

The Galaxy X can tank with the best of them, but it just does not work "as intended" at the moment. For it to be even half as cool as we saw it on screen we'd have ot make it rottenly OP. The fact of the matter is the ship was clearly designed around the visuals of the AGT Gal-X, but the stats are still tied to what the Galaxy R can do as far as manouvering is concerned. And i don't see how you could make the Gal X which is even larger than the other Galaxy variants handle any better without removing any advantage less tanky cruisers have, and if you improved their manouverability you'd start encoaching on escorts. The only way I can see that you could fairly improve it's manouverability is to improve the manouverability of everything. And that doesn't seem practical.

The fact that some people do manage to fly it effectively goes a long way to making me think it's not the ship that's broken, but people's attitude to it. Just because it can mount DHC, doesn't follow that it should be good at using them. Nobody would suggest an all turret BoP build should work, but you can make one if you want. Also, it's worth bearing in mind some of the galaxy X's abilities were added because they were seen on screen, not because they were practical to gameplay. Mounting DHCs is an assumption since we never actually knew what those things mounted either side of the bridge actually were.

Personally, if I were tasked with fixing the Galaxy X, I'd wait until there's a tier 6 and move it up to that, it makes no sense that a ship and it's beefed up dreadnaught variant are in the same tier for one thing, and at tier 6 there'd be more freedom to bring the Galaxy X in line with what we saw on screen. And lastly, as one of the most expensive C-store items going, it'd allieviate any fears or resentment about supposedly end game content paid for in cold hard cash not being end game anymore. Cryptic could kill two birds with one stone by doing this. Though it would still leave Excelsior, B'rel, Defiant R, MVAE, Kar Fi, Varanus, Marauder and Nebula pilots wondering "Wtf Cryptic?".