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06-26-2011, 04:54 PM
Originally Posted by MelineAaele View Post
Id try a cannonboat on it..

Since it have low manouvrebility, Id go single cannons.

Tac Captain

4x Single Cannons
4x Turrets

Borg + Cov shield

Tac Lt : TacT - CRF1

Eng CM : EPW1 - ASIF1 - EPS3 - DEM3
Eng LC : EPW1 - DEM1 - EPS3
Eng En : ET1

Sci Lt : SciT1 - TB2

Basically sneak within 5k range, fire up buffs, then decloak and TB, and CRF then once shields are down Lance..

With Tac buffs, cloak ambush and EPW damage buff, you should do some nasty damage.
People can hear you buffing up while cloaked, and Sci ships can often detect cloak that far out. I learned that the hard way. I'm not sure how far out you can be heard, but I usually won't risk it closer than 12km unless they're already engaged. Once buffed, I'll do a short burst of full impulse to get in range. It cuts down reaction time for sci ships, and other ships shouldn't know you're there until it's far too late. I do something similar with tricobalt instead of lance in my BoP and it works very well, though targets running with shield buffs are a lot harder to alpha, and that's often the only card the Galaxy X has to play that seperates it from any other cruiser right now.