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06-26-2011, 06:44 PM
Yeah, what other boff abilities are you using? I 2nd the dual beam bank question.

I will say, right away, Im not a huge fan of Sci team 3, Transfer shields 3 would be better in my opinion. Hopefully you got it off the reman boff.

Shield Maintenance would be better at 7 I think, if you're using power to shields 3.

Starship Attack Vectors would be good if you're a tac, but since your sci it helps your Acc. You could shave a few points off that.

For the efficiency skills. Put points into whatever you keep low. If you have 100 to weapons, you dont need efficency etc. Also Id say 7s could work there.

Why have points in engine performance?

Why have 1 point in Auxiliary Systems Performance, Hull Repair and Weapon Systems Performance? Unless you're using power to weapons and DEM for the last one, and then you need more than a point.

Also, are you using scramble sensors, or viral matrix? with all those points in probes.