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06-26-2011, 09:31 PM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
guys seriously, no ship at tier 5 has 2 LTCOM stations, stop suggesting that this ship have them! giving up an ENS station so a LT station can being turned into a LTCOM station is no way in hell a fair trade.
Nice to know that we can just get ordered to stop suggesting things. Dude, the attitude, tone it a little down, please? Many of your posts lately come off as brusque and patronizing; and this frankly makes you unpleasant to interact with (your big manbear avatar might not help that impression either).

I'm of the school of thought that it's not because it hasn't been tried that it's necessarily wrong - the 12 power limit appears more important, and the Klingon carrier does set precedent. The in-testing Intrepid (2x Cmd slots) broke ground there even though it was changed to Cmd, Lt.Com, En afterwards. The Excelsior and MVAM Prometheus showed that you could have a Lt.Cmd bridge officer seat outside the usual ship specialization.

This said, I think - with the purpose of engineering priority, but allowing other profession specialization - that Blayze had the better idea with fixing the tactical/science stations to Lieutenant, and putting the universal slot to Lt.Com instead. That enforces that you can choose from a Tac/Sci penchant in your bridge officer layout, but don't get to have Lt.Com abilities from both. It's a bit more balanced than my setup.

Though I actually chose mine because I wanted to avoid putting a 'too-powerful' universal station on the ship, and avoid pro-KDF players crying foul further than the Nebula-class.