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06-26-2011, 10:43 PM
Originally Posted by MelineAaele View Post
Id try a cannonboat on it..

Since it have low manouvrebility, Id go single cannons.

Tac Captain

4x Single Cannons
4x Turrets

Borg + Cov shield

Tac Lt : TacT - CRF1

Eng CM : EPW1 - ASIF1 - EPS3 - DEM3
Eng LC : EPW1 - DEM1 - EPS3
Eng En : ET1

Sci Lt : SciT1 - TB2

Basically sneak within 5k range, fire up buffs, then decloak and TB, and CRF then once shields are down Lance..

With Tac buffs, cloak ambush and EPW damage buff, you should do some nasty damage.
I tried that, wasn't happy. I dont like neglecting broadside also, but want to focus on forward arc more.

2xDHC,1x torp, 1x beam arrray
2x turret, 2x beam array

Turn rate is not a problem, once you get used to it. People who say its horrible, didnt try enough. Beside, if you would up the turn rate by +1, you would end with assault cruiser clone with cloak and spinal lance, and that would make assault cruiser even worse choice that its now. I wonder if people are so blind as to not see it.

The turn rate is low yes, but you DO NOT have to turn, in 90% situations is better to reverse (burst speed) and change your heading. That low innertia of the ship will help with that a lot as it will keep your temporar speed longer. if someone wants, i can get with him in private matches and show him some "turtle" maneuvers.

There is so many things how to improve your turn rate, yet people refuse to use them, instead claiming ship is bad.
  • Engine power setting
  • RCS console
  • Emergency power to engines
  • deuterium surpus
  • evasive maneuvers
  • attack pattern alpha
  • aux to dampeners

Yet if you would check, 90% of the cruiser builds of people that say Galaxy-X is bad, has no EPtE nor Aux to Dampeners. And half of them would moan that they dont want to use RCS console, because want something else...

My engineering BOs for regenerative shields is...

EPtE 1; ET 2; EPtS 3; Aux to SIF 3
EPtW 1; Aux to D 1; EPtS 3

So far, i haven't found anything better. Although i was thinking about dropping one EptS 3 for warp plasma...