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Originally Posted by mister_dee

The problem there is that the K't'inga is still just half the mass of the Connie refit, which is about 50 science/50 combat so they'd end up somewhere around evenly matched again.
the whole ktinga has less mass then the connie thing can be explained the same way they explain the escorts being able to stand up to large cruisers. using those fractions i would rate them like this- connie 45 science/30 combat/25 nothing to do with ether, and the ktinga i would rank 20 science/70 combat/10 nothing to do with ether. Aluming they are supposed to add up to 100 or something. Thereís alot more stuff on federation ships that isnít going to help in a fight, but they lug it around anyway because they are so general purpose.

Originally Posted by mister_dee
it is also interesting to note that just every tabletop that was ever "official" made the D7 and its variants a little below the Federation cruiser couterparts.
So ther sems to be some odd reason for that.

Of course, the enertprise is the hero, and tng and later 80s movies hadnít even been thought up yet, let alone the excelsior or anything else that outclassed the connie. their perspective of things was smaller than ours is now, and most of it was tos stuff only!

Originally Posted by mister_dee
Three, and since there is no actual K't'inga in the SFB universe they used standard D7s.
In fact the guys from ADB once explained in an edition of their "Captain's log" magazine why they thought a Klingon battlecruiser was in their opinion incapable of firing Photon Torpedoes (one of the trademarks of the K't'inga)
In eraly season of TOS the Enterprise shuddered a little when she fired weapons and the lights also dimmed occasionally.
So the interpretation from ADB was that the ship sustained some kind of stress when using its weapons, similar to the use of naval guns whose recoil causes shock-like stress on a ship.
Since in SFB Photon torpedoes are more akin to energy weapons they cause a lot more shock than lighter weapons like Phasers.
The SFB rules also force players to roll for shock-damage to the ship when it is considered "overgunned".
This is for example the case with the New Jersey Battlecruiser, which has 6 Photons instead of the 4 of the Kirov-type.
The Kirov does not suffer from this since missiles don't cause shock.
Anyway when torpeodes are fired in too short a sequence from each other the player must roll for ship whose results will cause damage to the ship.
So in the opinion of the ABD guys a Klingon Battlecruiser would not be able to use Photons because the launcher would be in the forward section which is connected to the rear only by the thin boom.
So when using Photons for any length of time the ship would tear itself apart in the middle where it is supposedly so weak.
So in the SFB universe, from which you took your idea that a K't'inga took out the Hood, they'd probably furrow their brow of the very notion of a K't'inga's existence.

Just a little anecdote regarding the incredible differences between SFB and modern Trek, nothing more.
tos isnít allot to go on is it lol. Stuff like that is fascinating though, a lot of imagination would be needed.

Originally Posted by mister_dee
My mistake I misunderstod you there regarding the D8 K't'inga difference.
Intersting enough, in Klingn Academy that was what they actually did.
And after the V'Ger incident the Klingons paused the upgrade process for months thinking it was a design flaw that caused the three ships to be wiped out.
When they learned how powerful the blue could actually was they started the upgrade process anew.
It's really funny how different some of the soft-canon interpretations can turn out.
i had to explain my take on things somehow!

Originally Posted by mister_dee
The special effects were exactly the same, which becomes pretty clear when you look at the scene in the Mutara Nebual where Raliant tries to cut trough the Enterprise's hull and compare it with the first strike of the Enterprise after Spock dropped Reliant's shields earlier.

i donno, it looks a bit thicker in exhibit 3 to me. But i probably just convinced myself it was

Originally Posted by mister_dee
You also seem to misunderstand what the term "refit" meant in Star Trek 3.
"Refit means getting the ship fit again.
It doesn no always mean that the ship is taken apart and mut back together with new capabilites.
It means getting it back up to strength when that strength was diminished.
For example the old British Battlecruisers HMS Renown and Repulse (sister ships) were so unreliable that they speant lots of time in docks for repair.
The crews referred to them as HMS refit and HMS repair, clearly showing that the two terms are not that different.
Refit in a different sense it only applicable when the ship is refit to a higher perfornance standard, like the Lakota was obviously refit to the higher 24th century standard or the Costitution class was in Star Trek 1.

dropping the word refit got my brain thinking things other than a standard fix up job. also the enterprise had been an academy training ship for almost a decade, so there might have been something significant that the enterprise never got due to its training ship status.

Originally Posted by mister_dee
...which is tricky because Starfleet Command was based for the most part on Star Fleet Battles, which is only based on TOS and parts of TAS.
However the "Prime Directive" RPG, which plays in the same universe has a special section that exlpains a few of the differences between Star Trek as we know it and the "Star Fleet Universe".
It begins with the sentence "This is not Star Trek".
The only reason why Interplay could combine aspects of both (in a very confusing way actually) was because they had the licenses for both SFB and the TOS era movies at the same time.

However that the Klingons had some economic problems after the Praxis incident would at least fit
After i played starfleet command i looked up the old pen and paper stuff and was like huh? weres all the movie era stuff? They did a pretty good job mashing everything together in the computer game though. i didnít mean they had an economic problem, i just meant that the federation was huge and the smaller klingon empire wouldnít be able to compete with them dollar per dollar. After praxis though thatís a big economic burden.

Originally Posted by mister_dee
The red mystery beam from "Way of the Warrior" is not entirely that mysterious when you watch "Honor Among Thieves" where we see the familiar Klingon Disruptor Rifle from Star Trek 3 used again.
The weapons effect is entirely identical to the red beam the K't'inga used.
It's just a disruptor.

Someone in the art department must have liked that red look, having it show up again in a hand weapon. All the other klingon ship and hand weapons were ether green beams or pulses though, that red is an anomaly. Considering the ktinga is so old and quite small compared to the big bops and vorchas that red beam i figure was something different and special, maybe a heavy support weapon.