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Originally Posted by ShinRa_Actual View Post
I suspect mister_dee was referring to the historical category of Armoured Cruiser (and by extention, Protected Cruisers), which evolved into the Heavy and Light cruisers folks tend to be more familiar with.
Not really but I guess that my thinking was so out of the box you could interpret it that way.
A typical human tendency, that we all exhibited here, is to put a name on something or to put it into a category.
It is a way for us to make things more "ordered" and to give us a feeling like we know something about something because we know its name.
An example where this was clearly not the case were the "Glorious", "Furious" and "Courageous" class Large Light Cruisers created by Fisher for the British RN.
Nobody knows what those things were intended for but it is assumed they were for shore bombardment.
But they had a name and a class, that was important.

Stargate Atlantis parodied that human tendecy in its pilot episode when the humans began to give various names to different gadgets they found in the city, like the "lifesign-detector".
The name gave them a feeling they knew something about the device even though they had no clue of its function whatsoever.

This was also parodied in an older "Perry Rhodan" book where the humans encoutered an alien adversary whose ships seemed to be in several places at once but where only in each place for a fraction of a second so it was difficult to hit them.
The humans solved the problem by simply blanketing the target area with large-caliber nuclear weapons.
But the alien ability made them uneasy...unti somone gave it the name "5-d indifference compensator".
One person at the briefing commented on that human tendency and remarked that the name did not give any insight into its actual inner mechanism but by giving it a fancy name the people in the room felt less...dumbfolded by it.

That's why I used "armored space thingy", because even when we run out of interesting terms (I played "Babylon5 Wars" and had to get used the Minbari "Heavy Battle Frigate" so I still have a few more up my sleeve) we can always fall back on that.