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06-27-2011, 07:22 AM
Originally Posted by LittleTerribleRomulan
I am not a fan of the JJ movie.... and I am not thrilled with the nacelles in that movie or the picture...I am positive that they could do some work to the ships already in-game, as they could to both sides....not just the fed side.....but I don't think that making JJ changes (which in my opinion hint at way earlier design) would be in-line with showing the style people want to see leading up to the timeframe of the centuries leading to the Enterprise J's creation.....but then again that's my opinion and I am entitles to
I am not a fan of the JJ enterprise either, but i think that the ship i posted looks much better than that thing they call enterprise in the new movie.
Btw. that ship was just JJ universe themed, but i think the artist who made it has found the right balance between "coolnes" and conservatism to make it look good.
(I wish some other artists would find such a balance more often )
I think the nacelles are just right, in contrast to the JJ Enterprise where the nacelles are just huge and much to heavy looking.

Seriously, i think that there are some good designs are already in the game, but just at the wrong position IMHO.
For me the Avenger Class would have been the perfect Sovereign successor (regarding the appearance) but they made it just a teethless flying hospital, and the more firepower a ship class has to more ugly (definitely NOT cooler looking) it gets IMHO.

I would already be happy if cryptics ship designs would look less exaggerated and cartoonish.

But as you like to say:
"..... that's my opinion and I am entitles to it..."
(no one has ever doubt that )

Live long and prosper.