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06-27-2011, 09:40 AM
I've ran FBP builds since Open Beta (recently switched to CPB since I've been pugging a lot less).

FBP is amazing, don't let anyone tell you otherwise :p

Just make yourself look like the idiot that's zerging in before your team, pop EPtS + TacTeam + Delta, Sensor Scan the guy in the middle of the other group, and lol as they nuke themselves.

I <3 watching Escorts melt their own faces off with they try and decloak + Alpha you.

The damage is very easily countered, however, with even a simple Polarize Hull 1.

It's quite useless for your team, but an amazing damage tool for yourself. In a way, I guess it's an indirect tool for your team, as you will not only require less heals, but you are free to blast away and use your heals on others.