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06-27-2011, 09:02 AM
Originally Posted by Yreodred
I would be so happy if we could get this skin for either the Assault Cruiser or the T5 Excelsior (especially the Excelsior desperatly needs a different costume and it wouln't hurt if it would look good for a change )

More than that i just hope that we could get some more smooth versions of the ship parts we already have something like this would be very nice IMO:

I have smoothen the pylons and made them a bit more narrow and i reduced the lenght of the nacelles about 20% also. I think it would be awesome if we could have finally the chance to make aesteticly, and elegant looking ships with the new parts that are coming.
(Note: the pylons are still wider than ths sovereigns and the nacelles look more compact and not so vulnerable lookin like the sovereigns.)
If we could get some pylons that look a bit like this and additionally pylons that are facing forward like on picture 2, 3, and 4 LINK it would be awesome.
Additionally picture 6 features a lot of good designs, except the left one (the nacelles are just too long), i am sure those ships would look really great in game.
Especially the one on top and the one right down at the bottom look really cool, IMHO.
(I think they would work as Excelsior variants, since those concept ships are ment to be smaller but still related to the Sovereign.)

Maybe this is a bit off topic, but if we could get the option to Flip some Pylons from facing forwrd to facing backwards or vice versa, i think there would be some real good options with the ship parts that are already in the game.

Please forgive the bad picture, but i hope you guys can see what i mean.

And devs, don't be afraid we will buy additional ship parts when they are in the C-Store, if they look good.

Live long and prosper.
while i don't like a few details of your different versions, i see your general idea and agree with it :smile: it would be nice if we could customize the individual parts of ships, just to make them to a size or general shape we agree to

problem is, even if the devs started working on this now... it would take months or worse, years :frown: there's the gameplay that Cryptic has to design, for one thing, and all the different configurations/sizes/shaps that the ship parts can be... CaptLogan is the only doing them at the moment, which will take considerable time

but if they were willing to do it, in some form or another, a lot of this playerbase would be grateful for the whole new dimension on ship customization (i'd even be willing to wait twice as long if the klingon side got this as well, they need the customization options) :smile:

EDIT: because your post was on the 4 image limit, :smile: (twice) and :frown: are all i can work with