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06-27-2011, 09:14 AM
Originally Posted by SilverSera
oh my this is hilarious, giving up an ensign slot to turn a Lt station into an LtCom station is EXACTLY what the Klingon carrier does. How about you check your fact next time and maybe you'll look less like a troll?

As for the whole T5 or T6 thing well I am already pretty damn tired of all the TOS crap everywhere I look. So if the new enterprise isn't leap and bonds better than a stupid Exelsior refit they can kiss my money goodbye I am not paying for a game with no respect for immerssion or canon . I know there are plenty plot hole in the game already, but they all add up bits by bits and there is only so much I can take.
Yes the carrier does but for the sheer fact that the the turn rate is so bad that it gives up a lot. So if they want to do that to the F make it slow moving lumbering cruiser go for it.

I see it being a Star cruiser variant or this

Cmdr Eng
Lt Eng
Lt Tac
Lt Sci
Lt uni.

With a 3/2/2 and extra 1 slot you can slot any type of console for more eng/tac/or sci