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06-27-2011, 09:20 AM
Originally Posted by Trek17
while i don't like a few details of your different versions, i see your general idea and agree with it :smile: it would be nice if we could customize the individual parts of ships, just to make them to a size or general shape we agree to

problem is, even if the devs started working on this now... it would take months or worse, years :frown: there's the gameplay that Cryptic has to design, for one thing, and all the different configurations/sizes/shaps that the ship parts can be... CaptLogan is the only doing them at the moment, which will take considerable time

but if they were willing to do it, in some form or another, a lot of this playerbase would be grateful for the whole new dimension on ship customization (i'd even be willing to wait twice as long if the klingon side got this as well, they need the customization options) :smile:

EDIT: because your post was on the 4 image limit, :smile: (twice) and :frown: are all i can work with

Yeah, my pictures should just show the idea behind it.
Sure the streching options would take a lot of work, i think realisticly they could add such a feature with at least 5 times as much programmers than now in a acceptable time, but i think just adding basicly the same pylons that are already in the game and just mirroring them and a little polish would be more than enough for a start.
Maybe they could just add basicly the same pylons that are already in the game, just without holes, or use some lower tier ship pylons and make them fitting.
I don't think that we need completely new ship parts very fast, some parts should just have some alternative versions as options.
For example they could release a smooth assault cruiser ship pack, with basicly the same ship parts we already have just less edgy, no holes, and in general more smother shaped. I would buy it right now !!!
There should be much more options to choose from, more variations, even if they just as simple as facing forward or backwars facing pylons, it would be very helpful.

Btw, sorry, i didn't realize that there is a limit of 4 pictures per page.
Maybe you could just remove those pictures from the quotes, because i changed it at the original post but without any effect on the quotes.

Alright, this may sound strange now but what about making the Excalibur ship parts availlable to the Assault Cruiser?
I know it would not look quite like a Sovereign variant, but i think a bit more diversity wouldn't hurt.
Especially the saucer would be nice to have, the neck well..... better not.
But if the neck could be made much shorter (-50%) and more streched in length (+25%), i think that ship would look awesome! IMHO)
But i would absolutely love to have those nacelles and pylons for my Assault Cruiser, together with the Galaxy -ish saucer i think it could look awesome. (Maybe a wider sovereign hull would be also great.)

Ok, i know it's a crazy idea.

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