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06-27-2011, 09:47 AM
Feedback pulse is an awesome ability. I don't even have a sci cap <yet> but this one single ability as being primarily a tac has made me want to level one. Flying my escort I have been in awe of this ability.

Fairly long cooldown, 15 second duration. It's a great way to keep a sci in the game as well as yet another way to make an unwary escort vulnerable to your team mates when made aware, "this guy is at 30% hull boys go get em!"

I don't think it's OP, I don't think it's broken. Just a great skill and when timed right can really throw a game, in an indirect sort of way, it's a defensive/offensive skill. Not everyone can use it right, lots of weak fbp out there I just hull resist through it: hazard emitters/brace for impact/subspace field generator. But to those who do have it skilled correctly and know how to use it, nice work.

Whoever told you you shouldn't use it was a crybaby because they think it's op, or they don't understand it's full potential in my personal opinion, and they need to lern2play in either case.