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06-27-2011, 10:38 AM
Originally Posted by Brynio View Post
You must get this a lot, but I just wanted to say THANKS for all the work you have put into these charts.
Thanks for saying so, anyway Glad you like them! Enjoy!!!

Originally Posted by CptShrike
Is there any particular reason this thread keeps getting knocked around the different sections? Hiding in the Klingon Fleetyards isn't really helpful to anyone looking for it. Is there something that happened that got it bumped from Starfleet Academy, because if it should be anywhere on the forums, it's there.
Well, WishStone (Cryptic Community Representative) created two new sections: Klingon Fleetyards & Federation Shipyards. He asked me to post on both, so that everyone would have access to the charts. I may eventually make the Klingon post the KDF chart/updates/feedback, and the Fed post contain the Fed chart/updates/feedback, but right now I am keeping both in sync, so that everyone can have access to them.

I don't know what will happen to the Academy section, but if Cryptic feels my charts should be in the shipyard / fleetyard listed above, who am I to argue? I suppose doing what you did and posting that you want it back in the Academy is the way to go. Personally, it doesn't matter to me, but I do want everyone to be able to find it...
One thing I have done, however, is make a redirector so that you'll always be able to get to the forum, no matter where it resides. This URL is printed at the top of the chart, for future reference.