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06-27-2011, 11:59 AM
1) You must complete the mission "Assmiliated" and the 3 Borg STFs (Infected, The Cure, Khitomer Accords). Each has one piece of borg equipment that you can add.

2) Assuming you are Rear Admiral or Vice Admiral - it's about learning a bit more about the combat system and how to optimize your build.
Basic Tips:
a) Run high weapon power.
b) Equip yourself with decent equipment (Mark X or higher, it doesn't even have to be green, blue or purple)
c) Hazard Emitters negates the shield neutralizer, Tactical Team Borg Boarding parties (the part where your cooldowns jump around, that's the boarding parties. Never invite Borg to your parties)
d) Know how to increase your damage output with various buffs (which ones depend on the ship you use and the class you play). Bridge Officer Power wise: Good weapon damage buffs are Cannon Rapid Fire, Attack Pattern Beta and Omega, Beam Overload, Beam Fire At Will, High Yield Torpedo (obviously you need to pick powers appropriate to your weapon choice). Good other damage sources are Charged Particle Burst, Gravity Well, Tyken's Rift, Eject Warp Plasma.
e) Train skills that fit to the Bridge Officer powers you use, and equip the right consoles and deflectors as well.
f) Don't run mixed energy weapon builds. It's not cost-effective.
g) Look into how you can increase your ship's endurance. This means not just to have some heals, but it also to have proactive ablities - things that give you hull or shield resistances. 2 Emergency Power to Shields can go a long way to make any ship endure a lot of damage (but keep in mind that the Borg shield neutralizer can ... neuter ... this.)