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06-27-2011, 02:43 PM
I'll say it then. I don't care if it's not canon as long as it's not stupidly so. I'm getting the idea this is a thread populated by people with a very black and white view on the whole canon versus casual debate. I could do the same and assume you'd all welcome suggestions to put the Asgard from SG1 in as a playable race and the Planet Express ship as a playable ship. I should hope I'd be wrong to do so.

The goal should be somewhere in the middle. I'm fine with a greater variety of weapon types (let's face it, afterall, the most uncharacteristic Starfleet weapon imaginable was already canonized in Insurrection), ships and whatnot being added to the game, as long as I can see Cryptic's taken some effort to keep it Trek-like. I would wholeheartedly agree though that, the game taking place decades after the last of the series and movies, there's room for Cryptic to use some creative license, rather than always having to dig deeper and deeper into obscure corners of Trek's past for 'new' items to put on the C-store.

As for inconsistencies in canon, I can explain those!
  • How big is the Defiant?
    I measured it on my TV. It's thirty-eight centimeters long.

  • Can you actually use Phasers in warp?
    As long as you don't do so on the bridge, or near the warpcore, sure, why not?

  • Why are Starfleet ships and operating systems so conveniently designed to facilitate hostile takeovers?
    There's 150 species in the Federation, and most of those refuse to learn to speak Spanish, so they have to use easy to understand pictures.

  • Why is every ship our heroes encounter always on the same plane (or close to) and at the same orientation?
    I think it has something to do with them passing out due to all their blood rushing to their heads otherwise.

  • Are there bathrooms with toilets?
    No. In the interest of saving space those were eliminated from the designs. There's sinks though and Starfleet standard issue matrasses are extremely absorbent. Common misconception, as Klingons don't use matrasses, their ships don't smell like targhs on the inside, their targhs smell like the inside of their ships.