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06-27-2011, 06:03 PM
Originally Posted by whamhammer View Post
Hmmm/ maybe I should test the power drain out with some of the older stuff I have. If youre right, that might make cannon cruisers a more consistant damage at an energy setting than a beam cruiser would be. I sed to have fun with the cannon/turret ship, but it seemed as if I wasn't giving as much damage as I am now with the DBB frotn , beam array in the back setup/
If you want to see the energy efficiency of weapons check the link in my signature (either the Guide or you can click on one of the direct power level chart links). I have done extensive testing on this. Cannons are indeed much more energy efficient than beam weapons.

This data is also taken into account with my Starship Weapons Calculator program, if you want to try out some different weapon combinations.