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06-27-2011, 06:33 PM
I've been using a variation of BigRedJedi's.

3 dual heavy plasma cannons, 1 tricobalt
2 plasma turrets

Attack pattern omega 3
Rapid fire 2
Attack pattern Beta 1
Tac team 1

Photonic shockwave 1
Polarize hull 2
Tractor beam 1

Power to shields 2
Power to engines 1

Eng team 2
Power to shields 1

It lets me hit hard, stick around for a minute, then run if I need to. Also, this is as a Sci officer.

So far in Ker'rat it's worked good, in Cap and hold it worked great, haven't tried it in an arena, and I think I would need a lot of support from a healer, or Id be running every few seconds.

Plasma weapons only because I like the look and sound.