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06-27-2011, 06:59 PM
I'll say this about the KDF... it does allow for a *much* wider range of backgrounds. With the Federation, everybody is (pretty much) Starfleet personnel. it's much harder to come up with backgrounds like Kasensal's.

I do have a couple of 'oddity' Fed backgrounds (one from the MU, another couple from a planet that's applying for Fed membership and is in an 'officer exchange program' with Starfleet), but for the most part, everybody's mostly regular ol' Starfleet personnel.

On the KDF side, I have a bounty hunter, a privateer, a 'normal' KDF captain, a Federation dissident who feels more comfortable with Klingon 'honesty' in actions, and a couple others. It's just much easier to come up with a wider variety, it seems.