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06-28-2011, 01:10 AM
Originally Posted by Dalnar
You should be aware that total dmg done matters little in pvp. If you kill something matters.

In my Galaxy-X I'm not always on top of dmg done charts, but very often on the top kills charts. 2x 30k lance hit is much more than 100k bleedthrough dmg done with a 8 beam FAW spamming cruiser.
Pretty much this...

Damage numbers doesnt matter, healing numbers doesnt matter.

Kills and deaths, and in a lesser degree damage per kill, is what most skilled PvPers are looking at.

Personally Id rather go with a teammate with 300k damage, 10 kills and 0 deaths than one with 800k damage, 5 kills and 5 deaths.


Oh, and just for the record... Engineer is the worst of the 3 classes for damage.. You have no damage buffs (only indirectly by virtue of your powerboosting skills), no debuffs and no spike..

You have amazing survivability skills, but thats about it.