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06-28-2011, 02:28 AM
Originally Posted by Harmony-Jade View Post
Agreed, the Trill are in need of some love.

They added new spot patterns for Season 4 but neglected to fix the areas where the textures are visibly missing (For anyone who doesn't know by now it's either side of the neck, near the collarbone and at the bottom of the leg, just above the ankle).

The fact that having spots somehow prevents a Trill from wearing makeup or a visor is just plain crazy

Whilst nothing mentioned above is game breaking, it is irritating. Especially for a company that prides itself on character customisation.
I agree. The Trill spots sould be a default graphic and the makeup types should be overlayed on top of them. The way I see it, the spots on a Trill are like moles and freckles on a human. On that note, I would like to see freckles on ALL humanoid species (Vulcan, Bajoran, Betazoid). In a sense, the Saurians already have "freckles" from a few of their scale patterns.