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06-28-2011, 02:41 AM
Originally Posted by Jean_Parisot
If even, all Klingons need do it seems is sit still, aim cannons, and blow you to smithereens. Watching you as you futilely try to heal yourself, turning as you do so to spread the damage, until you finally succumb.
Four things

1: Weapon arcs, know them, understand them.. Exploit them.

2: Know your heals/resists and their CD.. Dont burn your CDs on minor damage (do not spend a CD on a 5% hulldrop).. Dont overheal (dont use a 15k ETeam3 to patch 5k hull damage)

3: Tactical Team - Auto shield rebalancing.. Always always always carry atleast one of these. (turns a 10k shield into a 40k buffer) - Also keep EP2Shield running at all time (EP2S1 for healers, EP2S2 or 3 for DPS), buff resists with TSS.

4: Armor. 2 Slabs of Neutronium on a Cruiser give you ~26% base resist.. Buff this with resist abilities (Brace for Impact, Aux 2 SIF, Hazards, Subspace Field Gen, Polarize hull)