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06-28-2011, 02:35 AM
My favourite would be option 2, not because I think I need "m00r3 gunz" or "m00r3 skillz" or anything like that.
I think a higher tier would be nice for a pretty simple reason:
With the current number of available console setups (8 or 9 consoles per ship) there are very few possible permutations to make ships a little unique.
Something similar can be said about BO setups, even though we haven't seen them all yet.
A proposal I once saw proposed that on a possible T6, or in a T5 revamp, ships have one commander and two LtC slots, which would give far more variety.
To be blunt, I find the current differences between individual ships very limited and the differences between ships of different factions even more so.
With additional slots there would be more room to play out the differences between the current two, and the next possible future factions, Romulans and probably the True Way, even more withou becoming repetitive.