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06-28-2011, 05:02 AM
I didn't want to judge anything. Its just obvious that when someone cycles 2 FAWs, with 8 beams he is pumping dmg whole time with minimal (none) effort.

My problem with FAW is not the dmg, not even the accuracy, but the single thing that using it takes no effort at all, and the reward for such should be equal.

From my perspective FAW should do NO extra dmg at all. Just make sure all beams are firing all the time, to clear trash floating in space.

It must be the only skill in game which rewards you just for using it whenever you can....something like if you would spam heals on yourself and got "extra" hps on top of your regular hps.

I still dont understand the logic of the dev that said, using some ability should always be better than none, hence it must get dmg boost. FAW is already better with its autotargeting, no dmg boost needed. The autotargeting and using of beams not in arc of your main target is the bonus.