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06-28-2011, 08:08 AM
Sure an Engi cruiser can have offense.And you can do it without FAW. You just have to decide on the role you want to play. Here is my build
I get my offensive punch by slowing my opponents down, ( TB2 & EWP3), which allows my BO1&2 and my tricobalt to crit more often. I use defensive resists to tank. My "role" is to be the first to decloack & pin an opponent for the remainder of my team to finish off, & tank the abuse that the first to decloack receives. I decloak at about 8 km from my target, hit evasive & fire a tricobalt. (I will fly faster than the torpedo) use a tractor beam at 5 Km, & hit EWP3 at about 3 KM, & make sure to overrun the target so the Tricobalt doesn't knock the target out of the warp plasma. I don't use DEM or any of the other "DPS Cruiser" abilities, & i still do pretty good damage, while remaining a good tank.