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06-28-2011, 07:36 AM
There is no reason for crafting of all types to be restricted to Memory Alpha. The Constitution-class starships had extensive fabrication facilities in the days before replicators made it possible to do things in your stateroom for small items.

There were several references during DS9 to "industrial class replicators" which are obviously rather large systems for huge object construction. Additionally, Voyager survived for years being able to replicate much of its spare parts onboard the ship when it wasn't able to negotiate the parts and maintenance from a friendly species. It simply makes no sense that a large starship would not be able to replicate and assemble most of the parts necessary to maintain itself. While infrequent, there are plenty of cases where a starship is disabled or somehow out of range of traditional support for long periods and has to survive, Voyager being the extreme case. However, given enough available replicators, space to store items, and available energy for running the system, there shouldn't be anything a ship couldn't build over time.

For a more realistic approach, I would like to see the ability to craft pretty much everything on a ship short of impulse engines, and perhaps the deflector dish. All other ship systems, even components like phaser and shield arrays, are made up of small enough components that could be fabricated onboard and assembled by the crew. I would like to see some sort of time factor involved in doing this however. SW Galaxies crafting typically took many hours or even days for some crafting jobs, and it tied up that system for the duration. I think adding that puts some logistical preparation in mind for managing the queues and available resources.

i also agree that decentralizing crafting without adding some sort of "crafting channel" is going to make crafting that much more difficult in this game though.