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Originally Posted by whamhammer View Post
Well my current set-up is
3x Phaser Beam Banks Mk XI, ultra rare, (the bonuses escape me right now, probably whatevers craftable)
1x Quantum Torpedo Launcher MK XI, ultra rare Crit D x 2 dmg x 1

3x Phaser Beam Arrays Mk XI, ultra rare, (bonuses escape me, probably what evers craftable)
1x Quantum Torpedo Launcher MK XI, ultra rare Crit D x 2 dmg x 1

I used to have:


4x Phaser single Cannons Mk XI, ultra rare (craftables)
3x Phaser Turrets Mk XI, ultra rare (craftables)
1x Phaser Beam Array Mk XI, ultra rare (craftable)

And of course I put corresponding tactical consoles to boost damage

This is on an Excelsior Refit
I tend to change the amount of RCS thruster engineering consoles to match my mood, so I vary between a 14 degree turn rate to a 21 degree turn rate. I did alot more of the 21 degree when I had the that cannon set-up. Ive been looking to find that sweet spot between cruisers and escorts for my tactical guy.
I will say this... I have done some PvP recently in my Multi-Vector and Beam Cruisers cannot scratch me. I can tank them all day long and their Broadside is worthless because they will NEVER get me in their Broadside. However, I have felt the bite of a Cannon Cruiser and while it still was unable to beat me it was a lot more touch and go a few times than the beam boats ever were.

RCS's are also worthless on most Cruisers because they effect what value of turn you currently have which means they are only useful for Sci ships or Escorts who do not need them. On Cruisers their improvement is not noticeable enough to care about. I would stick to using Deterium(SP?) Surplus and Evasive Maneuvers to get a few good shots in on your foe.

The best Cruisers to use for Cannons are the Excelsior for its extra Tactical Abilities and Consoles, The Dreadnaught with its Surprise Cloaking Alpha Strike (Piloted by a Tact and even then you must be able to really FLY it if you want to do this), and the Exploration Refit because once you shed your dead weight it is like a heavy Raptor class ship able to keep people in its sights much better.

Using Directed Energy Modulation and Emergency Power to Weapons III can help those big Cruisers belt out the damage and you may want to consider a Chronoton Torpedo and possibly a Single Mine Launcher of this sort to help slow down your foes.

NEVER mix Beams and Cannons... You cannot possibly spec into both very well and it is not worth it. The only things that should really waste their time with beams (especially when they fix FAW) is Science Vessels who come with their Subsystem Targeting.

I have found 3 Singles and a Torp up front and 4 Turrets in back works well. Also many say Scatter Volley does nothing to a single Target compared to Rapid Fire and they are wrong. I have seen it increase the damage on my own hide and others. The closer you are the better. However Rapid Fire is a little bit better than SV for single Foes.

That is what I have learned on this matter so far. You are more than welcome to play around with any setup your imagination dreams up though and that is part of the fun of games like this IMO. I would mess around with setups until I found exactly what I liked the best.