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06-28-2011, 11:31 AM
I ran a cannon/turret build on a galaxy and now on an Exclesior-R on my VA Engineer 'toon. It's quite fun - it's great for people used to Escorts.

Like the others said, you have to stay in the "sweet spots", hence the Excelsior is your best bet. AND RCS might help a little bit.

I keep 3 cannons fore, 3 turrets aft. You could likely do 4 turrets aft if you don't mind losing the tail spike damage. I have found that keeping a Hargh'Peng up front and Quantums in back allow you to do a pass which lowers the shields, and the follow up with Torpeedo High Yield enables a greater chance of hitting bare hull on the way out, as the torps do not share a cooldown.

Consider DEM for PvP and perhpas BP III or others for PvE.