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06-28-2011, 08:24 PM
Originally Posted by forresto View Post
Maybe, but Season 4 is coming out next week (possibly), so i'm worried that what we have on Tribble is it? I love what has been done with the Gorn, but the real point of the gorn customization options was'nt a revamp, but unique costumes. The thing is, it should be relatively easy since all, or most, of the options are on NPCs.

I love you CrypticMatt, you're doing amazing work especially with all the work on your plate. I know it's hard what you do and I really hate to complain considering how great the new Gorn models look. But what we Gorn players have been waiting for so badly, is too finally dress like Gorn and not like the barbaric Klingons
Im also a bit worried, what happened to that helmet that Mhighison showed a while back that was WIP. I hope this isnt all the Gorn took so long for them to get the Gorn done, I was expecting more than just a reskin...with no face sliders or face options what so ever.