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06-29-2011, 01:45 AM
hmmm the bop is an odd beast at best, its a front line attack vessel, klingons dont ever make anything for the defensive stance of a tank, they hide in the shadows, pop out an blast. dont think there is much difference between a bop and a raptor apart from the fact the raptor is more an infiltration vessel then the bop and the bop is more of an all rounder. both tactical but for different uses.

but i know what ye mean, when you see a bop in the films they look as big as the enterprise but think it was the voyage home when a bop was on the ground it looked no where near as big as the enterprise so go figure.

its like when you watch star trek they dont even seem that much of an honourable race to me (i play orion) as they hunt in packs like dogs when they go head to head anything else they sneak up on someone and have a pop if they fail they usually try an hide an have another go so for such a race of honor hounds they dont half hide alot.