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06-29-2011, 06:57 AM
Originally Posted by Dalnar
Ever tried to actually maneuver ? You know, when someone is behind you ? You reverse your engines and use one of the many speed bursting items/skills to get behind them ? With tractor beam or warp plasma to hold them ?

Slow turning cruiser .... Escort behind

1. tractor beam
2. reverse engines
3. Emergence power to Engines 1 + Evasive action
4a. NUKE (Beam Overload / CRF --> HYT)

If hull below 50%

brace for impact + aux to damp + throttle to front + RAMMING SPEED

In both cases, dead escort.

No dual cannons in aft would help you, if you refuse to actually manoeuvre you ship.
I've used it and had people try it on me before, and it's a useful manouver, but there are plenty of counters. Most escort pilots that know what they're doing will have some form of hold resist, Attack Pattern Omega and Polarize Hull spring to mind. Also, Tractorbeam Repulsors would totally spoil such a manouver, and MVAEs and BoPs have even more options, like Photonic Shockwave.