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06-29-2011, 06:34 AM
Originally Posted by 12guageshotgun
Does anyone else find it odd that my BoP is both longer and wider than the intrepid and comparing it to the other fed and KDF vessels that it is above average size even for cruisers(not counting T5 and 4 cruisers). Isnt the BoP supposed to be more fighter like in stature, maybe its just me.
Only the newer BoPs are larger, probably for resons like the need to put those weapons, stronger hull, shields and a power source to keep it all running somewhere.
That's why the models steadily grow in size from the B'rel up.
It makes sense otherwise it's like placing a Main Battle Tank's gun turret onto a jeep.
Even thugh there is no recoil in space, the weaponry must be moved and powered somehow.
Also while the Hegh'ta has a large wingspan and long hull this is not entirely the defining factor for the ship's size, the actual volume is.
And in that category it's probably just a bit above the Nova.

The only ship that this defies this logic is of course the T5 B'rel retrofit because it's just a super-buffed version of the T1 model without any physical modifications.
You can point and laugh at me for bringin up an explanation why a larger ship for twice the guns make sense only to have my entire line of reasoning killed off by the retrofit BoP if you wish.