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06-29-2011, 07:57 AM
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hi everyone,

i've been alittle confused on these torps. i see everyone saying how powerful they are but i'm not getting that. i been trying to use them since the remastered missions and they do very little damage im lucky to hit for 5 to 10 points. most of the time they hit as hard as my fireworks emote does. even with no shields on the enemy. is this intended or it the torps being shot down like the plasmas and tricolts can be shot down. or am i just experiencing a bug?

If you are a tac they are buffed by the usual skills like APA, APB, FOMM, if you are a sci sensor scan, APB, Followed by a Scramble is nice also. For engies you only have APB to buff them. Scramble does the most damage to a person with peng secondary since it counts how many "allies" are around. This is the biggest issue with the torp it should not be modified by fake allies.

The DoT I am fine with but since the de facto rule is to use them with Scamble you have a few fleets with sci ships geared with just pengs and scrambles.