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06-29-2011, 08:59 AM
Originally Posted by thefrayl View Post
July 7th has been the release date for Season 4 for awhile now. It could still be pushed back, but thats the date we've repeatedly been told, including the recent emails from Cryptic about the Q weekend. I'm guessing that the Tribble test weekend is a few days away now. That would make sense considering all of the previous test weekends have been just prior to the week the season hits the holodeck.
Well, if the release date is July 7th, then the test weekend would be this weekend (if one is being held). My guess is since we haven't heard about a "test weekend" yet, the Cryptic team either 1)has no plans for it, 2) have yet to announce it, or 3) have pushed back the Holodeck release because they're still going through the bug report list - theirs and the ones Tribble players have given them.