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06-29-2011, 09:56 AM
Yeah, my take on it is that the devs wanted to beef up the Klingon ships, perhaps to note the progress from the TOS era, and thus the BoP starts at 150 meters, and grows larger from there.

Interestingly, though, if you look at the canon, the Bird of Prey is one of the odder discontinuities. The Bird of Prey, with the exact same model with the same detailing, is depicted at dozens of different scales, varying from 110 meters to well over 700. According to [url=]Ex Astris[url], the most consistent scales appear to be the 110 meter length from TMP, and a length around 330 meters which was used in TNG to make the BoP comparable to the Galaxy and Romulan warships. (Which are admittedly huge in comparison to everything else) This was also apparently named the K'Vort class.

The latter very nicely fits the size of the Hegh'Ta BoP, while the K'Tang would be in the same range, if a little small. (at 290 m) The Quldun at 180 m and the Norgh at 240 m are a compromise between the two, and would fit with a 230 m IKS Pagh from the TNG episode "A Matter of Honor".

In other words, it seems like the devs, instead of scaling the same B'Rel up to different sizes as in the canon, designed their own Bird of Prey classes, and set them at the significant sizes from the show. WIth the B'Rel, it's canon length of 110 m was boosted to 150 m to match the Defiant, which apparently was upgraded from 120 to 150 as well.

The BoP isn't really a fighter, it's a small raider, like the Defiant, but it scales comparably to Federation Escorts. The Raptor seems to be a similar design lineage, only with fixed wings, and a narrower wingspan. I would guess that the BoP is designed specifically for atmospheric entry (thus it's adjustable wing angle) and so even the larger versions are probably capable of reentry, although possibly not as easily as the B'Rel. (The Intrepid class can land on a planet, though, so the same should be possible for any ship of similar size, as long as it's properly constructed)