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I'm sure that if we list all the available buffs for our ships via abilities/skills, consoles, standard equipment, and buffs given by teammates, we'd certainly find plenty.

But it occurred to me while doing a ground mission, that there is currently a great variety of consumable buffs for ground, ironically most of which seem to have a relatively minimal impact on actual gameplay (since many can only be consumed when not in attack mode...but I digress).

I'd like to see more variety when it comes to consumable ship buffs. Boosting Engines/Auxiliary/Weapons/Shields is great, but how about giving us some other consumables to keep it interesting....

1. How about 1-time use trans-warp coils, good for maybe a hopscotch to a system in the same or adjacent sector.
2. Temporary Immunity buffs versus specific damage-types (ie. anti-polaron shield boost)
3. Temp sensor augmentation which detects cloaked ships
4. Instead of just a flat engine buff, how about engine buffs which affect turn rate only.

Anyway, I'm just typing while thinking here, there's probably a boatload of suggestions and ideas on what kind of consumables could be added, but after having picked up a banana split, followed by a Bolian Soufflé, followed by Vorta just occurred to me that ships only had 4 consumables, which seems utterly lacking in imagination by comparison.

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