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06-29-2011, 02:22 PM
the problem with the drop down menu is it may list skills that have no effect and/or omit skills that do affect a given power. For example Photonic Fleet when using the drop down menu lists the following: Engineer Team Leader, Starship Engineering Training, Starship Warpcore Training, Starship Engineering Maintenance, Starship Shield Maintenance, Starship Shield Efficiency, Starship Hull Repair, Starship Operations Training, Deflectors,Emitters, Sensors, Deflector Dish,Sensor Array, Deflector Field, Photonic Theory. However,according to Jedi Counsel Career-Specific Powers(Space) only Starship Operations Training, Emitters, and Photonic Theory from that list actually affect Photonic Fleet. Additionally Energy Weapons,Projectile Weapons, Beam Weapons, Torpedo Weapons, Phasers, Photon Torpedos, and Quantum Torpedos DO affect your photonic fleet,and they are not listed at all. Since the carrier pets are very similar to Photonic Fleet, I am assuming the dropdown box for the carrier Bird of Prey pets is equally misleading. Does that clarify things for you Ashur?