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And the R&D window, that's another thing that could be improved upon, would be nice if it could be filtered so that it just shows what we can make. Right now it's so cluttered with all the things we can't make that it's a pain to look for the those that we can make.

And speaking of skill tree, the 'Highlight Contributions To:' pull down is so messed up, got all kinds of things listed in there that are useless, and cluttering up the list. For example 'Call Trade Freighter', why is that listed in the pull down? And I have 'Punch' listed 4 times, and 'Riffle Butt' listed 7 times! I think once would be enough.

Unfortunately I can't threaten not to pay the $15/month until these things are fixed, because I'm a lifetime member, but I can boycott the C-store!