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# 8 That's funny! LOL
06-29-2011, 02:58 PM
Originally Posted by FirstAngelus View Post
^.... oh and I forgot; since it was mentioned just today: The Mission log with its 1000 "I never want to play" missions between which its almost impossible to find the missions you want to play.

Those BOs that always ask you "leave system" just to tell you "youz cant leave system during combat, idiot" if you accept.

And well... theres a lot---
OMG, that's funny.

Hopefully this thread will catch the DEV's eye, and make them think that it's time to fix some of this stuff.

Now there is always the possibility that some of this stuff is getting fixed in the new Season 4, just that they haven't posted it yet, I remember reading in one of the posts that there are a lot of things they are working on that just haven't been mentioned yet. I have been playing a lot on Tribble checking out some of the changes coming, and so far all of the things that we have mentioned here haven't been changed. So going to keep fingers crossed and hope for the best.