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06-30-2011, 12:58 AM
They already messed up the UTC time in the last account meowntenance announcement. Don't worry, we Europeans know it's 12:00 to 14:00 PM in the afternoon German time, that's the meowst impurrtant thing we need to know.

About the patch ... there has been a patch announcement WITHOUT patch notes already last week, so why again this week? I understand the team is busy getting Season 4 ready and shifting large patches on tribble every 3rd or 4th day which is absolutely great! Butt still ... no real bug fixing patch at all for over 2 weeks now (last being on June 15th), that's a bit of a shame for those who don't use Tribble at all, but as I said, I do understand what bunch of work the team has on it's hands right now with Season 4 on Tribble, since I do play Tribble and I can estimate how much it takes to get this job done in time, even though I can foresee a week delay on holodeck, so the release of Season 4 will most likely be around July 14th then, I think.

I hope this patch will at least include the promised Horta variants for the C-store, like two weeks ago the Aenar and Kitten Officers and one week ago the Q activation (deactivation didn't need a meowntenance, Kudos for that).