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06-30-2011, 03:43 AM
Originally Posted by Dalnar
Ever tried to actually maneuver ? You know, when someone is behind you ? You reverse your engines and use one of the many speed bursting items/skills to get behind them ? With tractor beam or warp plasma to hold them ?

Slow turning cruiser .... Escort behind

1. tractor beam
2. reverse engines
3. Emergence power to Engines 1 + Evasive action
4a. NUKE (Beam Overload / CRF --> HYT)

If hull below 50%

brace for impact + aux to damp + throttle to front + RAMMING SPEED

In both cases, dead escort.

No dual cannons in aft would help you, if you refuse to actually manoeuvre you ship.
Yes, I sometimes do. When someone is tailing me in PvP, I come to a dead stop, and let them overrun me, that way I end up on their tail. In PvE, that is a less useful tactic. With PvE, I tend to broad side when tailed, and sprial outward to put space between me and the target. As for the Evasive and Emergency to Engines, with an escort, I go from 0.2KM to 10.5+ KM in PvE so quickly that the power is wasted.