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06-30-2011, 03:46 AM
Originally Posted by D0L13N
Due to the recent question about "What make (random ship type) a (particular ship class type)?" I started looking at ship designs and what is in game. I realized that we do not have any of the 'over/under nacelle ' ship hulls in game. Sure it was only used for frigates/destroyers/light cruisers, but it is a proveen type of hull design. So I am suggesting that in the future maybe some new variants could be added to existing classes, or a few new ship classes using the 'over/under' desing might be added. It would allow for some more variations so we, the player, all feel a bit more unique. Let us be honest. We all want to feel 'special', and not so much 'cookie cutter'.
I agree. Some of the Tier 5 ships like the Star Crusier, Fleet Escort, and Deep Space Science Vessles have parts that could be kitbashed into ships with a similar layout as the Miranda, Centaur and Nebula classes.