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06-30-2011, 05:59 AM
Originally Posted by ThetaNine
I'm sorry but that ship looks like a dog cleaning it's private parts by dragging them through the dirt.
I know that this design is not very popular, but i think it would be really nice to have those parts as a addition to the already availlable ship parts.
I think it would be possible to create some really good looking ships with those parts, especially the pylons, nacelles and the saucer would be welcome additons IMO.

Regarding the saucer, i don't think that there would be a major confusion with the Galaxy Class, because the Excaliburs saucer still look very different then the Galaxys.
(in fact it looks much more like a Sovereign class saucer, just wider)
As you can see this big dark triangle that is visible on the Sovereigns saucer, it is also on the Excaliburs saucer but not on the Galaxys saucer. So there would be still a clear difference between the Assault Cruiser and a Exploration Cruiser.

Another good addition would be the pylons of the Excalibur, i think that they would fit perfectly to the Assault cruiser. (At least much better than the Noble, Majestic and Imperial pylons)

The third nice to have ship part would be the nacelles, i know some prefer to have longer nacelles on their assault cruiser, but i think shorter ones would be nice additions.
If you like the "holoship" on ESD, K7 and DS9, then i think some of us would be very glad to get the chance to use them on their ship.

As i have stated it already somwhere else, i am constantly thrying to create at least ONE good looking assault cruiser since i have started playing STO, but so far without any success.
With the Excalibur ship parts (that are already in the game) i think we could have much more options to finally build a good looking assault cruiser.

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