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06-30-2011, 09:26 AM
Originally Posted by Beary666 View Post
Ok, how exactly is the damage for the secondary explosion determined? Does it still take into account the number of friendly ships nearby and increase the damage to the primary target? Or does it work as (well how I thought it was intended) and do the the same amount of damage to the primary target and just hits everything around with an AoE? Because from what I remember reading from the description, the number of friendly ships nearby should not affect the damage to the primary target. Originally they were bugged an applied all of the damage to the primary target instead of dishing it out as an AoE. So why would scramble still be useful for increasing Peng Damage?

Well from the experience and the fact we have at least 2 well known fed fleets using SS to augment pengs I tend to think the overall vicinity of "allies" ups the damage along with the tactical buffs or science debuffs. HE should provide an immunity to the secondary effect during the duration. So for the 15sec that HE is running the DoT and secondary effect is null. But I am sure there will be others who are "better" than me stating that is stupid and that I am n00b, blah, blah, blah.