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06-30-2011, 09:41 AM
I thought by over/under you meant a paired top/bottom combination like the Constellation.

In addition to the Miranda and Nebula, though, the Luna class and its subclasses naturally have nacelles under the saucer. The Akira's and Oslo's nacelles are also under the body, although the Zephyr is on top. And the Saber and Ushaan have underslung nacelles.

The Emissary and Nomad Star Cruiser classes also have nacelles under the body, giving that class an under configuation even though it's not the default. The Horizon class Research Vessel also has an option for the nacelles to be, if not under the body, directly in line with it.

Finally, the Deep Space Science Vessel (Destiny) configuration pretty much seems to be the Luna or Miranda arrangement, but turned upside down. So while their nacelles are above the body (except for the Nimbus class, which might end up below the body in some mix and match configurations) the "mission pod" is under the body instead of above it.

So there are underslung configuations, you just have to look for them. Mainly, you'll see them in Escorts and Science Vessels, Cruisers typically stick to the configuration typical of the original Enterprise.