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06-30-2011, 10:04 AM
Originally Posted by Clavis-0

can someone give me a short outline how a Sci Captain fying BoPs should be looking/be buiilt in Tier 3, 4 and 5?

I am looking for a a build that is versatile enough to hold up in PvP and PvE and possible to level without extreme measures.

There seems to be hardly any Klingon specific info around, and the existing guides focus on Fed ships and Tier5.

Any takers? How did you do it?
You've chosen to be the most versatile character (science) flying the most versatile ship (BoP). Congrats!
Don't let anyone pigeon hole you. Your captain abilities have buffs, debuffs, space pets. The BoP has -by far- the most configurable layout of all the ships.

Just some general advice:
Be "that" guy to makes UNFAIR fights. Yes. You'll get a lot of hate and calls for "nerf this!" or "you hax!" Science bop pilots can be the ones that make sure the other side doesn't have much of a fighting chance. People will say this is not pvp, but let them be. You're messing with their heads and driving their nerdrage levels up. They'll either go to the forums and whine/complain or spew tons of colorful metaphors in your direction. Don't play into their game, but instead let them be the hapless fellows that get caught up in yours.

Several abilities that are useful:
scramble sensors, photonic shock wave, warp plasma, really strong grav wells