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06-30-2011, 02:09 PM
I've come to this thread because I have to complain...

You see, I work nights here in the States so I'm online sometimes at 4am local. Y'know - when everyone is asleep. Noone to bug me, peaceful, quiet...

I'm runnin' my dailies in Orelius, nice and calm - taking my time - and BAM! I'm run over by 20 fricking ships all racing at warp stupid, fireworks going off all over the place causing a ruckkus.

Who was it? Ausmonauts...

And then, another night, I'm checking out all the hidden spots at DS9. Checking the exchange, having a nice cup of raktajino, peaceful, serene. Then I beam up to my ship and what do I see? 10-20 ships with dampening fields, hazard emitters and transfer shields going off in every direction! Noise, noise, noise!!!!

Who was to blame? Ausmonauts!

Y'all are making WAY too much noise and having WAY too much fun. This has GOT to stop!

I bet y'all stomp on the grass when you all go to Vulcan too, don't ya?

j/k :p

It's not often that I see people on late night here, so it's a real pleasure to see you guys runnin' round keeping things alive. Keep it up!