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06-30-2011, 04:20 PM
Originally Posted by dudeoftrek View Post
Ok cool thanks I'll give that a try. Also what's up with these Hargh'Peng torpedoes? They better than full spec quantums?
Depends. They are a mission reward from 'doomsday machine' mission. I don't have the exact details, but they basically do a small amount of damage initially, and then a small DOT (I think). This can be cleared with haz emitters. BUT, if they are not cleared, after a short period of time, it produces are large AOE explosion. I believe the total damage is higher than quants. But it can be negated by haz emitters. I don't think the DPS is higher, though because it takes so long for the damage to occur.

It works fine for PVE since the NPCs don't usually clear the dot.