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06-30-2011, 05:24 PM
Honestly, I would cut the devs some slack. It's not like they are purposely ignoring bugs and whatnot. Some things may SEEM like an easy fix, when in actuality, they are not. Case in point - the annoying 'bring-you-out-of-cloak' bug. The one where you decloak whenever your bridge officer talks to you. Yeah, that's been complained about for over a year. Multiple threads about this one. But it turns out that in order to fix this, they had to individually adjust EVERY SINGLE MAP where a cloaked ship could go. This was not an easy fix despite what players thought. And to the devs credit, they got it done, and is set to be fixed for season 4.

Also, as has been explained multiple times in various threads, different devs work on different things. The costume people work on graphic designs for the costumes. They don't know anything about coding, and don't know how to fix bugs. But you always hear about "why are the devs making new costumes when there are so many bugs???? OMG. Please fix the bugs first!!!". Different teams for different tasks. That is basically why.